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TPI Thermostat

The tpi et9srts series et9 line voltage spst cool only terminal is designed to help reduce the fan noise and temperature. It is available in et9 line voltage spst and et9srts styles. The et9srts style offers a white or black finish and offers 50-90f range of temperature range. The et9 line voltage spst style offers only one type of terminal, the et9srts style offers three types of terminals - the et9line, et9line+n, and et9srts style offers two types of terminals - the et9 and et9line.


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The tpi kt121 industrial series thermostat spst heat only 6 cordplug is a great choice for those looking for a thermostat that can handle the added heat. This model comes with a 6-pack of pluggable temperatures, making it easy to manage. The tpi part of this model is((( folders/test. Html? yield=1) tpi kt121 industrial series thermostat spst heat only 6 cordplug)
the tpi t5100 thermostat is an included part of the 5100 series heater units. It is a line-duty or low-voltage temperature controller that is used with the t5100 series of hemodialyzers. The thermostat helps keep your heaters running at a consistent temperature, and it is useful when you have low-voltage conditions or when install the heater units in field.
the tpi lrd100a series lr bi-metal outdoor thermostat spdt heatcool is designed to work with outdoor heating and cooling systems. It features a spdt heatproofing system for complete heat rejection capacity. The thermostat is produced with an external plastic housing and has a black anodize finish. It is easy to order and delivery is usually in a few days.